FAQ (this page is only in Danish)

U Insights Frequently Asked Questions

U Insights is an automated self-service survey platform, that enables you to do surveys based on our customized templates and get results within few days.

Setting up a survey

How long does it take to setup a survey?

All questionnaires are tested and programmed for you. Setting up a new survey from start to end submission takes approximately 10 minutes.

What type of surveys can I do?
  • Brand Performance. Do your consumers know your brand? How is your brand performing compared to competitors? With Brand Performance you can measure how likely customers are to buy your brand. And how your brand is performing against your main competitors. This survey template contains following questionnaires: Brand Awareness, Brand Funnel, Brand Drivers and Brand Net Promoter Score (NPS).
  • Ad Performance. This survey is customized for your advertisement and running pre- and posttests of campaigns. Test your creatives (video, image, storyboard or audio) and get an evaluation in few days.
  • Design & Concept. This survey is useful in your design process, where you need to assess the direction of your product designs/slogans/messages and make quick decisions before launch.
What type of media files do you support?

U Insights supports a range of media formats. The maximum size we recommend for upload is 50 MB. Below are the formats that we support.

  • Audio: .wav, .mp3
  • Image: .jpg, .png
  • Video: .mp4, .mov

We recommend that still images and video has the same size to ensure consistency and reduce bias in the surveys.

Before uploading audio or video, make sure that sound is playing and that the video has the right quality. If you need to hide the brand logo in video, please make sure that you upload a version of the video, where the brand is already removed or masked.

Can I add my own questions?

The survey templates in U Insights are developed based on Userneeds many years of experience with market research. The questions in the templates are chosen based on a benchmark. If you want to add another question, please contact us at uportal@userneeds.com.

How is the process?

1. Setup Survey
Choose from our prepared survey templates and customize them to your study.

2. Submit For Review
We will review your survey and let you know if ready for launch. We will get back to you the same day or within one working day.

3. Survey Launched 
If all looks good, your survey is launched right away.

4. Data Collected 
Follow the data collection process, while your survey is in field.

5. Report Ready 
We will notify you with a download link, when your report is ready.

How is the process after I submit my survey?

After you submit your survey, the survey is locked for changes. We will get back to you the next working day at the latest. If everything looks good, the survey will be launched right away. If something needs to be corrected, we will get in touch with you.
If you are unsure, whether you want to launch it or not, we recommend that you keep your survey as a draft and submit it at a later point.
Should you need to make last minute changes to your survey after submission, contact us at uportal@userneeds.com or +45 42 90 90 90.

Is there anything that I should consider/prepare when creating my survey?
  • Brand Performance. Consider the brands that you want to test your main brand against. Who are the main competitors of the brand that you are testing? For each study we recommend a maximum of 6 brands. Another consideration are also drivers. Drivers are words that describe an emotional or functional attribute. Userneeds provides a list of 27 drivers for you to choose from, but you can also add your own custom drivers. For each study you can add up to 15 drivers in total – and you can choose freely from Userneeds recommended drivers, or your own drivers.
  • Ad Performance. Make sure that your media file is ready for upload in the right format and size. See also What type of media files do you support?
  • Design & Concept. Make sure that your images have the same size. Also remember to name them correctly (e.g. Design 1, Design 2 etc.) so it is possible to identify the individual design/slogan/messages in the final reporting.

See also question What type of media files do you support? for further details on formats.



How long would it take a respondent to complete these types of interviews?

All survey templates take between 6-8 minutes to complete for a respondent.

About Userneeds panel

Userneeds has built a number of subpanels which gives you an unique opportunity to contact a number of niche segments. Userneeds has respondent panels in all Nordic countries, Austria, Ireland and Switzerland.

  • Denmark: 90,000 members
  • Sweden: 100,000 members
  • Finland: 40,000 members
  • Norway: 30,000 members
  • Ireland: 40,000 members
  • Switzerland: 10,000 members

Which countries are the respondents from?

For this service, we are currently only supporting panels from Denmark. If you need to run the same study in other countries, contact us on uportal@userneeds.com or +45 42 90 90 90.

What happens if I send the survey to 100 respondents, but only 61 has replied and completed the survey? Do I then loose 39 interviews?

We always guarantee that you get 100% response rate of completed interviews on your Sample Size. Example: If you want to send out to 500 respondents, we make sure that you get 500 completed interviews.

When are credits subtracted?

Your credits are subtracted when your survey has launched. You can see how many credits you have left under My Profile > Subscription.

What is General Population?

General Population is the age group from 18 – 75 in all genders across all regions in Denmark.

Can I use my own respondents?

This feature is currently not available in U Insights. However, if you want to run a study with your own respondents, contact us on uportal@userneeds.com or +45 42 90 90 90.

About pre-defined Userneeds segments

Userneeds has a selection of pre-defined segments. Should you wish to recruit a different segment group or target audience, then please contact us on uportal@userneeds.com or +45 42 90 90 90. Recruiting for custom segments and target audiences can influence the delivery time and price, as it is depending on IR (incidence rate).

Userneeds pre-defined segments are:

  • General Population (age 18-70): Sample of general population weighted using age, gender and regions across Denmark.
  • Primary Household Shoppers (age 18 – 70): Respondents who are fully or partly responsible for household shopping. Gross data is weighted using age, gender and regions of general population.
  • 10/20 biggest cities in Denmark (age 18-70): Weighted using age, gender and city of general population. The 10/20 biggest cities in Denmark are:
  1. København (Hovedstadsområdet)
  2. Aarhus 
  3. Odense 
  4. Aalborg   
  5. Esbjerg
  6. Randers   
  7. Kolding     
  8. Horsens   
  9. Vejle
  10. Roskilde
  11. Herning 
  12. Hørsholm 
  13. Helsingør
  14. Silkeborg
  15. Næstved
  16. Fredericia 
  17. Viborg
  18. Køge
  19. Holstebro 
  20. Taastrup


How will I know when my report is ready?

We will send you regular updates via email. When your report is ready, you will get an email notification with a download link. You can access your previous studies and reports at any time under My Surveys in U Insights.

In which formats can I expect the output?

You can download your report as PowerPoint and a CSV file with raw data.

How long do I have to wait for my report?

The report date varies depending on your sample size and demography. If you select a sample size of 500 interviews for General Population, you can expect the whole process to take up to 4 working days, from launch date to a report ready for download. If your sample size is 1000+ and or more, it might take up to 7 working days.

How will my data look like?

Download our example report for Brand Performance survey. The different contents in report includes brief explanations for each section and methodology.