Userneeds has been focused on delivering high quality online analysis programmes right since our inception in 2001; first as a consultancy house within a usability consultancy, and later as a dedicated supplier of web-based questionnaire surveys. In 2006 this trajectory led to massive investments in the development of Userneeds’ organisation and skills.

Since then, Userneeds has expanded massively, growing and nurturing consumer panels in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Ireland. Thanks to a unique business model which enables large-scale recruitment of panelists, our market research panels are among the largest online panels in these countries. This give us the opportunity to run surveys within specific population segments, so that our clients gain access to valuable and instantly usable information about their specific target group. Userneeds has added another layer to our business in order to keep up with the ever changing consumer behavior and deliver valuable and relevant insights to our clients. Userneeds is thus not only an online panel data provider but also a data and insight platform.

Finally, Userneeds is a member of the European organisation for research institutes, ESOMAR, which ensures that all members adhere to strict guidelines and professional requirements for research and analysis, including data security and research methodology.