Do you know what drives consumer attention
for your brand advertising? Discover the difference
of being seen – and the opportunity to be seen!

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Ad-Tention is a two-sided product that offers in-depth insight about your ad’s best placement, the attention it draws as well as what visual elements on your ad the viewer actually looks at.

In other words, Ad-Tention is very useful for the creative minds designing ads who wish to know what elements lead and maintain the human eye, while any company, business or organization using ads to promote a service or a product can learn on what sites their ad is seen, for how long it is seen and where it should be placed in order to optimize the attention it receives.

Ad-Tention thus aims at solving the age-old question in digital marketing – of whether or not your advertising is seen by consumers.
By utilizing our new U Eye panel where our panelists are equipped with professional eyetrackers – we can simplify the process of testing the attention your digital advertising receives in an automated unbiased process.

More specifically, we have a nationally representative panel browsing the internet while using eye tracking equipment. The software allows us to replace the banners on the websites our panelists visit without them even noticing and thus gives us a unique opportunity to see how their eyes react to your ad.

Not only are we able to track whether or not they look at the ad, and for how long they look at it, we can also map out a screen shot where you are able to see exactly where on the ad the consumers’ focus lie. In addition, you are able to benchmark your ad against other similar ads and you will gain knowledge as to what websites generate the most attention to your specific ad.

Finally, the panelists browse in an unbiased environment as they are sitting at home and the data you receive is thus valid.

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It is safe to say that Ad-Tention is a measurement product for the modern age – where consumers are actively targeted (and re-targeted) with 1000s of ads daily. Knowing what creative message, formats, channels or media that actually drive digital outcomes is hard.

Our platform connects with a wide variety of industry media-technology tools – so you can automate and improve your media buying and benchmark yourself against your competitors and the rest of the market. There have never been more opportunities to be seen and heard in the digital landscape – we will teach you where and how to cut through the noise.

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