Userneeds has brand new and modern facilities for holding focus groups, workshops, in-depth interviews, etc.

Centrally located in Copenhagen, close to Kultorvet.

Focus group rooms

Userneeds has a new, large and well-designed focus group room with all relevant technical equipment. The associated observation room with a big one-way-mirror has room for many guests and we set up the tables from project to project according to the customer’s wishes –maybe you want to have plenty of space at the work tables in front of the mirror, maybe you would like a cinema setup or something completely different?

Our rooms are located close to Kultorvet centrally placed in Copenhagen and close to good transport options. About 4 minutes walk from Nørreport Station.

ATTENTION: Userneeds take all precautions regarding COVID-19. We follow the guidelines carefully for staying in our focus group rooms so both customers and participants can feel safe.

When renting our rooms, it is important to us that you can concentrate on holding the interviews, why we will make sure there is a host/hostess to handle the following:

  • Reception of respondents, moderators and observers
  • Preparation of room as desired
  • Technology and recording – we send a link via FTP server to access recordings online the same day/evening
  • Help with any copying or printing of materials

Included in the room rental is a standard offering, which is coffee, tea and water. It is possible to purchase additional offerings as snacks, fruit and food for respondents and customers/observers upon request.


Facts about the rooms

The rooms are bright, looks inviting, and have all modern AV equipment and good interpreting facilities.

Focus group room

  • Capacity of max. 13 people
  • Extra tables for showing of products or the like
  • Extra table for referent
  • Big one-way mirror
  • Movable camera with zoom and high resolution
  • Microphone in the ceiling
  • Projector
  • Canvas
  • Speakers
  • Option for extra TV (43”) on foot
  • Flip overs
  • Big whiteboard
  • Shelf lists for advertising boards
  • Free Wifi
  • Various office supplies and materials for any practical tasks
  • Laptop can be borrowed for moderator
  • Aircondition
Userneeds – focus group room
Userneeds – focus group room 4
Userneeds – focus group room 3
Userneeds – focus group room 6
Userneeds – focus group room 1
Userneeds – focus group room 5
Userneeds – focus group – observation 2
Userneeds – focus group – observation
Userneeds – focus group – observation 1
Userneeds – focus group – observation 3

Observation room

  • Workbench set-up capacity max. 8 people
  • Capacity for cinema setup without tables max. 16 people
  • One-way Mirror
  • Speakers
  • TV (55 ”) on the wall for observation or to connect to your PC
  • Belt packs with wireless headphones so customers can choose to hear interpretation directly
  • Couch
  • Raise-lower table/work space
  • Flip overs
  • Big whiteboard
  • Free Wifi
  • Various office supplies and materials for any practical tasks
  • Aircondition

Interpreting room

  • Raise-lower table
  • Professional interpreting equipment incl. microphone and headset
  • TV (43 ”) on the wall
Userneeds – focus group – tolk1
Userneeds – focus group – tolk
Userneeds – streaming


  • Streaming U Focus system (additional purchase)
  • Streaming Focus Vision system (additional purchase)

Want to have a focus group somewhere else?

We also help to find rooms and organize in other cities than Copenhagen in Denmark – and also in other Nordic countries or elsewhere in the world.

Userneeds collaborates with many different skilled moderators specializing in different types of topics as well as experienced interpreters – we are happy to help arrange both moderation and interpretation on all kinds of projects.

Userneeds also offers to recruit suitable participants for focus groups and interviews.

Contact us and get a non-binding offer – or stop by for a cup of coffee and see our new rooms.

Userneeds – focus group – terrasse

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