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We help you access people from all over the world and get them to share their opinion and answer your questions.

Whether you need answers from citizens, consumers or customers, we help you gain the market insights that you need.

Market insights into different areas

Gain deep insights about your customers and be able to create segments based on opinion, behavior and preferences.

Performance Measurement
Accurately assess performance of a campaign or a new initiative.

Get 1.000 representative answers to your questions in a few days. Minimal investment, maximum insights.

Brand Awareness
Gain strategic advantage by evaluating your brand awareness in relation to your competitors

Customer Journey
Examine how customers experience and engage with your brand on every level.

Concept and Campaign Test
Communicate your message in the most effective way by testing different concepts.

Brand Funnel
Uncover exactly what people think of your brand with this in-depth brand analysis.

Tracking Study
Track shifts in the market by running the same survey at different intervals.

Product Test
Gather quantifiable research by testing your product out on consumers.

Let Userneeds find the right people for your focus groups and qualitative interviews.

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