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A big thank you to all our panel members who made their donations in 2021

February 4th, 2022

As already known, Userneeds’ panel members can exchange the points which they earn through the participation in our surveys for donations. Vi are proud of, and grateful to many of our panel members from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Ireland who made their donations in 2021 and supported several charity organizations engaged in helping the most jeopardized people around the world.

A considerable number of our panel members have in this way supported PlanBørnefonden’s efforts to crate safe environment and improve the quality of life of children in Western Africa – Togo, Benin, and Burkina Faso. Total amount of money that has been donated for this purpose is 13.205 kr.

As in the previous years, our panel members have donated most to organization Doctors Without Borders – more precisely 24.969 kr. The total amount donated to the Cancer Prevention organizations is 15.818 kr. and the amount of 7.142 kr. has been donated to the Red Cross.

There should also be emphasized that our panel members have also made their donations to Børnelungeforeningen, SOS Barnebyer, UNICEF, ISPCA, and Plan Suomi.

The total amount donated by Userneeds’ panel members in 2021 was 63.345 kr.