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According to the Danes, the community will not reopen after Easter

April 6th, 2020

It is a new everyday life that applies to all Danes as a result of corona, where we all have to stay inside as far as possible. But how long will it take before the community reopens? When do we not have to work from our home? When will restaurants and cafés reopen? And when can we gather for birthdays and other events? In collaboration with the market research company, Moos-Bjerre, Userneeds has asked the Danes for their expectations.

In collaboration with the market research company, Moos-Bjerre, Userneeds follows the corona situation closely. In this connection, we found it relevant to ask the Danes for how long they expect the Danish community to be shut down. The survey which is conducted among 1,000 respondents shows that the Danes expect the closure of the community to last longer than until after Easter.

39 percent of the Danes believe that the current situation in the community continues until the end of April, and that we can therefore look forward to even more weeks of homework and a closed society. Only 8 percent of the Danes believe that the community opens just after Easter.

It turns out that almost every other Dane expects the community to be closed until after May. 31 percent believe that the community opens when the spring officially ends on May 31. At the same time, 14 percent estimate that it will take even longer. However, it should be noted that these answers were collected before the Danish prime minister, Mette Frederiksen, spoke at a press conference last Monday and informed of the possibility that the community gradually could be reopened on the other side of Easter. However, the Prime Minister’s messages were with reservations, so there is no indication of a normalization yet.

Mette Frederiksen stated: “I hardly dare say what I intend to say today, but now I say it: If we Danes for the next two weeks over Easter continue to stand together by keeping distance, and if the numbers remain stable and sensible for the next two weeks, the government will begin a gradual, slow and controlled opening of our community again on the other side of Easter.”

In connection with the Prime Minister’s words to the press conference, she noted that this opening of the community must be done gradually and staggered. This means that people go to school and work at different times of the day. In addition, there must be no rush hour in the public transport.

Thus, it is possible to reopen the community after Easter, but it requires a great effort by all Danes. Mette Frederiksen also emphasizes that it only becomes relevant if the numbers for the spread of infection and hospitalizations continue to move in the right direction.

It will be exciting to see if the part of the Danes who believe that the closure will last longer than until after Easter unfortunately are right.

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