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Amazon’s opening in Sweden

November 24th, 2020

In October, Amazon opened in Sweden and got a lot of media attention. This resulted in Danish consumers visiting the site more often than usual. This shows a new study from Userneeds conducted for FDIH (Dansk Erhverv Digital Handel).

New numbers from Userneeds show that Danish consumers have been very aware of the opening of Amazon in Sweden. Passive metering makes it possible to understand online consumer behavior by panel members allowing Userneeds to track their digital footprints which uncover the digital consumer journey and consumption. This method has been used by Userneeds to gain insight into the effect of Amazon’s opening in Sweden on Danes behavior.

It turns out that Danes visited Amazon six times more often than usual three days after Amazon’s opening in Sweden. In addition, 20 percent of Danish Amazon visits in the first two weeks after opening went to

Niels Ralund, e-commerce director at Dansk Erhverv, says: “Amazon got a lot of attention in the media in connection with the opening, and this is clearly shown in the numbers. This is a relatively significant increase in the number of visits. The interesting thing is, of course, whether the visits have paid off, but unfortunately we do not know.”

There is also an interest in Amazon from Danish companies. Maze-One Nordic, which helps Nordic companies get on Amazon, is experiencing increased interest and has already on boarded several Danish companies on The companies that are already in some of Amazon’s markets will enter more. At the same time, companies that are not yet on Amazon are investigating how they can get on the site.

You can read more in Danish here.

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