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Approximately 40 percent of Userneeds’ panel members want to be better at saying no

September 26th, 2018

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The focus on saying “no” continues to increase and according to a recent quick poll put up on Userneeds’ panel members’ member portal the focus is necessary.

We asked our panel members in the Nordics and Ireland: “Are you good at saying no to friends, colleagues or your boss? For instance, to party invitations or workloads that you don’t want to go to/don’t have time to do?” And far from everyone manages to say no every time they actually feel like doing so. In other words, between 9 percent (Norway) and 16 percent (Sweden) have chosen the option “Yes, I always manage to say no”. More than 40 percent in each country, however, do say no “most of the times”.

This still leaves quite a large percentage with one of the two options “No, but I am practicing” and “No, I’d wish I was better”. In Norway, for instance, one out of four says that he or she is practicing, and more than 20 percentage say they’d wish they were better at saying no. In Ireland 47 percent have chosen one of the two options and many are thus saying yes, perhaps on a daily basis to things they either don’t want to do or things they don’t have the energy or time to do.

Even though the quick poll does not portray a representative result, it still shows that saying no doesn’t come natural to most people. Instead, people want to be seen as a “yes person”, a “go-to person” and a “team player”. It is important to stress that you can still be all these things while saying no to for instance a bigger workload or a birthday invitation.

We thank everyone for answering the quick poll.