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Are you worried about the impact COVID-19 can have on your job situation?

March 27th, 2020

In Denmark we stand together and fight against COVID-19. The Danes are all affected to some extent and a dark media image meets the Danes. The necessary measures have been taken to minimize the corona-virus from spreading. The current situation and the measures taken have already had a major impact on the labor market.

As a result of the measures taken to keep the corona-virus from spreading, more Danes fear losing their jobs. In collaboration with the analysis and consulting firm Moos-Bjerre, Userneeds conducted a poll with 1000 respondents in the period March 23 to 25 to shed light on the situation.

The results clearly show that the Danes are concerned. This especially concerns employees in the private sector. The poll shows that 35 percent of the employees working in the private sector are afraid of losing their jobs as a result of COVID-19. This means that about 770,000 employees in the private sector are nervous about their job situation, if the poll can be reflected among all 2.2 million employees in the private sector. In addition, 12 percent of employees in the private sector estimate, that they will definitely or most likely lose their jobs. At the same time, 30 percent of employees in the private sector expect to lose more than 10 percent of their household income this year.

“There are a lot of people who are worried. It is perfectly understandable. There are a lot of jobs in danger. The industries that are closing, account for 10 percent of all employment in Denmark. And then there is a lot of companies that lack customers or material in production,” says Lars Olsen, chief economist at Danske Bank.

By contrast, the poll shows that employees in the public sector experience a greater job security. It turns out that 11 percent of the employees in the public sector are concerned, where this percentage was 35 in the private sector.

Read more about the poll here. Do note the article is in Danish.