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Around 50 percent of Userneeds’ members will follow the 2020 UEFA EURO Football

June 16th, 2021

The 2020 UEFA EURO Football has begun which many football lovers can enjoy. At Userneeds, we were curious how many of our members who will follow The 2020 UEFA European Football Championship as we expect that some might do not have a general interest in football but watches when it when national teams are playing.

Will you follow The 2020 UEFA EURO Football? We asked this question in a quick poll for all our members in the Nordics and Ireland. Of course, not all countries are participating in the championship, but we still find it interesting to see if they follow it. Denmark, Finland and Sweden are all a part of the 2020 UEFA EURO while Ireland and Norway are not. This Saturday (June 12, 2021) Denmark and Finland had their first match which was against each other. Unfortunately, the match turned out quite dramatic as Denmark’s top player Christian Eriksen fainted in the field. The match ended 1-0 to Finland.

Our quick poll result shows that around half of Userneeds’ members follow the 2020 UEFA EURO Football. However, in Finland only 40 percent follows the championship. In the remaining countries it is between 48 percent (Norway) and 54 percent (Ireland). Out of those who will follow the 2020 UEFA EURO there is a part who only will follow when their own national team plays or when certain other countries teams plays. In Denmark 29 percent will only follow when Denmark is playing, in Sweden 24 percent will only follow when Sweden is playing, and 20 percent of the Finnish panel members will only follow when Finland is playing. In Ireland 27 percent will only watch when certain countries plays and 28 percent of the Norwegian members will only watch when certain countries are playing. However, this still means that between 19 percent (Finland) and 28 percent (Sweden) will follow the whole championship and not just certain matches.

At the same time this also means that between 46 percent (Ireland) and 60 percent (Finland) will not follow the 2020 UEFA EURO – they probably do not show an interest in football.

We appreciate all answers to our quick polls. You can always find them on your personal member page U+. Login here.