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Can data help reduce your carbon footprint?

November 6th, 2019

We have known about climate change and the danger of greenhouse gas emissions for decades, yet global warming seems to be getting more attention from politicians and media than ever before and private people are doing everything from marching on the streets to changing their habits in order to put focus on the climate. For the people that long to make a change Spenderlog’s new app might be the place to start. The app allows you to gain insight into your carbon footprint based on the groceries you buy. Userneeds is therefore very pleased to introduce the app to our panel members and help them get an understanding of their CO2 emissions.

Climate change is one of the most urgent issues of our time and while politicians are discussing the topic heavily everyday consumers are trying to figure out what they can do themselves to preserve the environment and help prevent climate change. Spenderlog’s new app aligns to this wish as it gives consumers an overview of their carbon footprint. In other words, if you download the app it will automatically synchronize your receipts and calculate your carbon footprint. A carbon footprint is defined as “a measure of the impact human activities have on the environment in terms of the amount of greenhouse gases produced, measured in units of carbon dioxide”.

The app thus enables you to get a unique insight not only into what kind of groceries you buy (you might be surprised about the amount of meat or candy), but also into the carbon footprint the different categories of food leave behind. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and don’t know where to start, downloading the app might just be the first step.

Working with data everyday Userneeds is of course excited about Spenderlog’s app that tracks data in the form of grocery shopping and hereafter calculates the carbon footprint. This shows how data can be used in a beneficial way that allows each individual to figure out where they can change their shopping and eating habits to reduce their carbon footprint while simultaneously allowing Spenderlog to analyze the data in bigger segments for instance based on gender and geography.

Userneeds is happy to be collaborating with Spenderlog and encourages anyone who finds their carbon footprint interesting to download the app.

Download the app: