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Climate change is by far the most important political topic

November 7th, 2018

Having been chosen by 24 percent in Sweden to 48 percent in Finland climate change is the most important political topic in 2018 according to Userneeds’ panel members.

There is always a lot to choose from when it comes to the broad topic of politics. To narrow it down we asked our panel members – In your opinion what is the most important political topic in 2018? – and we gave them 6 different categories to choose from along side with an “Other” and “Don’t know” category. The six categories were:

Climate Change
Humanitarian crises
The refugee crisis
Human rights

As mentioned the vast majority believe climate change to be the most important political topic and in Ireland as well as all the Nordic countries except for Sweden, this category beat all others. In Sweden one percent more – that is 25 percent – choose “The refugee crisis”. For the remaining countries between 32 percent (Norway) and 48 percent (Finland) have chosen “Climate change”. This leaves categories such as “Human rights” and “Humanitarian crises” with just a few percentages of the total amount of votes.

If we look at the overall result “Economy” takes third place and “Welfare” and “The refugee crisis” share the second place.