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Comfort or environment? Stick to your household appliances

October 30th, 2019

The Danes replace their household appliances such as dishwashers and refrigerators with new ones when errors occur rather than having them fixed. According to Michael Søgaard Jørgensen, who is a professor in sustainable innovation at Aalborg University this is not a good decision for the environment. Luckily, new and more sustainable solutions have shown up.

Even though consumers are becoming more and more eco-conscious, the majority of Danes do not get their household appliances fixed when they break down. In fact, only 16 percent get their machine repaired whereas 55 percent rarely or never fix the problem. These are the results from a survey which Userneeds has conducted on behalf of IDA – The Danish Society of Engineers.

The argument is that it is often cheaper and less of a hazzle to buy new household appliances than to have the old ones fixed. Michael Søgaard Jørgensen who is IDA’s spokesperson on the area of circular economy says that there are environmental reasons for keeping your old household appliances and having them repaired rather than buying new ones. This is due to the fact that a lot of resources are used for the machines to be produced from scratch. A new report from the UN further illustrates how a washing machine or the like should be put to use for at least ten years for environmental reasons.

To those who find it too inconvenient and troublesome to repair their old household appliances Michael Søgaard Jørgensen has a suggestion. He points out that some companies repair and resell old household appliances with a new guarantee. In other words, you can spare the environment and have machines that work at the same time.

You can read more about the survey (in Danish) here