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Corona has clearly affected Danes’ desire to go to concerts and festivals – but in what direction?

August 18th, 2021

Although one would expect that Corona-related restrictions and the long shutdown of the country would make Danes want to go to live-music events this summer, it seems that this has not happened.

This is a result of a new Culture Barometer that has been implemented by Danish Theater and Applause in collaboration with Rambøll Management Consulting at the beginning of the 2nd quarter of 2021. The fourth mean opinion score in the survey has been calculated by Userneeds.

The Culture Barometer reveals that a number of Danish organizers of concerts and festivals have registered decreased interest of Danes when it comes to concerts and festivals. Meanwhile, there is a difference between the two, because it looks like the interest of Danes in festivals has become higher as Corona-related restrictions have been more relaxed and the possibilities for social arrangements have become better.

The results of Culture Barometer reveal for instance that a quarter of the survey participants will go to a concert next month. Moreover, it seems that Danes were more interested in concerts the last month, when one-third of the survey participants had expected to attend one.

However, the interest of Danish people in festivals has grown with each month since the measurement has been introduced. The numbers show namely that Danes’ interest in festivals has grown constantly since May 2021. The number of those who had expected to go to a festival was doubled up in July compared to August.

The survey has also revealed that people generally feel more comfortable with the outside- than with the inside arrangements and the same applies when it comes to the arrangements where people are sitting down than when they are standing.

It may well be that the great reopening of the country at the beginning of the summer has had as a result that Danes have become more interested in travels than music arrangements and that the further relaxation of Covid restrictions will make Danish people more interested in concerts than this was the case over the past couple of months.