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Corona pass for the Christmas party? Majority of Danes say yes!

November 26th, 2021

We have been looking forward to the coming Christmas parties. However, it looks like that the spread of Coronavirus make Danes wish to introduce changes to this year’s Christmas parties that can prevent the further spread of infection.

A new survey, conducted by Userneeds on behalf of Business Danmark reveals that 61 percent of Danes support the request for valid Corona pass at the Christmas parties.

A number of participants in this survey (8 percent) mean that obligatory face masks could contribute to a safe Christmas party, while 30 percent of the participants reply that serving of individual meals would be an appropriate solution to this.

Moreover, the survey shows that 23 percent of Danes think that a distance requirement or less participants would contribute to a safe Christmas arrangement. Likewise, some survey participants mean that alcohol restriction would make people show more consideration to each other and be more conscious about the current prevention guidelines. This opinion have 8 percent of the survey participants.

Despite the large increase in the number of Corona-infected in Denmark, 27 percent of Danes think that there shouldn’t be any restrictions in relation to Christmas parties this year.

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