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Danes don’t believe that the Danish athletes will break the record in the number of the Olympic medals won

July 28th, 2021

The Olympic Games in Tokyo are in full swing, and we are waiting in the excitement to see some good sports results and new Olympic records. This year a total of 1017 medals will be distributed to the most successful athletes and we have been interested to hear from our panel members, how many medals, in their opinion, the Danish athletes will bring home from Tokyo.

Almost the same number of our Danish panel members who participated in the quick poll believe that Denmark will win respectively 1-5 and 5-10 medals (39 percent). Approximately 10 percent of the participants in the survey are more optimistic, and they believe that the Danish athletes are going to win between 10-15 medals on this year’s Olympics. There is also a smaller number of the participants who don’t think that Denmark will win any medals this year. Likewise, there is a small number of them who are much more optimistic, and who believe that the Danish athletes are going to win more than 20 medals (ca. 20 percent).

The Danish Sports Federation estimates that the Danish sportsmen could win between 10 and 15 medals at the Sommer Olympics in Tokyo.

Denmark won 15 medals in total at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro back in 2016, which was the highest number of medals Denmark has ever won at the Olympics. A total number of sports disciplines at the Olympics in Tokyo is 32 and Danes participate in 16 of those disciplines.