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Danes enjoy the natural areas in Vejle

May 20th, 2020

There is an increase in the part of Danes who visit natural areas in Vejle, where an average citizen has an average of 68 trips a year. Nørreskoven is the most visited natural area in Vejle both on weekdays and weekends. This is the results of a survey conducted by Userneeds for the Municipality of Vejle, “Vejle Kommune”.

Userneeds has conducted a user survey for the Municipality of Vejle, which shows that there is an increase in the part of Danes who visit the nature areas of the municipality. There has been an increase of 22 percent since 2016 in the number of visits to a nature area in the Municipality of Vejle, where there are currently 5.5 million visits annually. Furthermore, it appears that 56 percent of the citizens of the municipality have visited a nature area within the past week.

The results delight the municipality’s Department of Nature & Leisure. Klaus Enevoldsen, head of the department in Nature & Leisure says: “If we had been working now, we would have been drinking champagne.” He adds: “We can see that people are happy with our natural areas and offerings, and citizens use the whole nature of the municipality. We can also clearly see we have more visits as we have more maintenance and cleaning and more inquiries from citizens.”

In addition, the results show that the total number of hours per visit has increased from 5 to 5.8 million hours a year, which is an increase of 16 percent. At the same time, the citizens also use hiking trails, mountain bike trails and bird towers more. Klaus Enevoldsen believes that it is due to a trend in time that the citizens visit the green areas more often. He says: “We do a lot to increase access to outdoor life and our natural areas, but I also believe that it is due to a trend in time that goes in the direction that more people would like to move their body in nature or stress off.”

Nørreskoven, Kongens Kær, Grejsdalen, Fårup Lake and Sønderskoven are popular areas in the citizens everyday life. These are also popular on the weekends, but in addition, Munkebjerg, Frederikshåb Plantation, Syvårssøerme and Randbøl Hede are popular areas, too. Klaus Enevoldsen states in this regard: “On weekends we would like to travel farther away to experience nature, where we use the more urban forests in everyday life, and the many visits are also related to the fact that most people live in Vejle and seek the closest thing. ”

In connection with visits to the natural areas, the majority show most dissatisfaction with the amount of garbage, which Klaus Enevoldsen believes may be related to the fact that more people use nature, which is why there is more garbage. The Municipality of Vejle has exposed seizures and garbage bags in various locations, so volunteers can help clean up.

Further, there are different attitudes towards mountain bike tracks, which is why, among other things, the possibility of active and quiet zones is considered. Klaus Enevoldsen states: “The municipality has an ambition to be Denmark’s best cycling municipality, and many are really happy with our offerings, but there are also some who find the bikers disturbing. We are now working to become better at signs where mountain bikes are running in the forests. And we are also working to develop the Health Forest. A place for those seeking tranquility and contemplation.”

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