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Danes feel a greater job security

June 17th, 2020

There is an 11 percent increase in the proportion of Danes experiencing job security from week 23 to week 24. The proportion of Danes who feel absolutely confident that they will not lose their jobs is now 54 percent. This is the result of the latest survey conducted by Userneeds in collaboration with the analysis and consulting firm, Moos-Bjerre.

In collaboration with analysis and consulting firm, Moos-Bjerre, Userneeds follows the situation with the corona virus closely. A recent report from the survey in week 24 shows that a majority of Danes are quite confident that they will not lose their job as a result of the crisis. As many as 54 percent of the Danish respondents answer that they are convinced that they will certainly not lose their jobs due to the crisis. This is an increase of 11 percent since week 23, in which only 43 percent of respondents were confident.

This is not a development as center manager and associate professor at FAOS, Research Center for Labor Market and Organizational Studies, Søren Kaj Andersen is surprised at. He says: “There is a certain harmony between the number and the small signals and key figures we have been given lately, which show that the employment may not go as bad as we feared. At the same time, it is an indication that there are many who have returned to their jobs and that they believe that this is actually going the right way.”

According to Søren Kaj Andersen this rapid development is linked to the trend that has been so far with the corona crisis: “The negative development went very quickly. Unemployment rose at record speed. Hopefully, this is also the early signs that we are also coming out of the crisis again quickly. However, at the same time, everything is associated with quite a lot of uncertainty at this time. ”

While there is an increase in the number of Danes who feel a job security from week 23 to 24, then there also less expectations to income loss compared with the results in week 23. It turns out that 62 percent of respondents expect to lose a maximum of 0-5 percent of their income by 2020 due to the crisis. In addition, the study also shows that fewer Danes are concerned about the social economy.

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