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Danes have changed their behavior when it comes to hygiene practices and distance requirement

January 2nd, 2022

Covid-19 has had enormous impact on our ordinary life during the past two years. In this respect we have been repeatedly reminded of the proper hygiene practices, which together with the vaccines against Covid-19 and physical distance, has been the most important tool in fighting the Coronavirus.

A new survey conducted by Analyse Danmark on behalf of Business Danmark at the end of the year revealed that a great number of Danish wage earners had expected that new restrictions would be imposed again, and that work from home would become our reality for a second year in a row.

According to the poll, reason for this is the change in people’s behavior when it comes to hygiene practices and social distance requirement.

The results showed that a great number of the survey participants, corresponding to 66 percent of them, thought that their colleagues, and the workplace in general, had become more relaxed with regard to both – hygiene maintenance and distance requirement; only 19 percent of the participants answered that the new restrictions were to be expected either due to the bad hygiene or insufficient social distance.

In the opinion of Chief Executive Officer at Business Danmark Martin Kildegaard Nielsen, current rising infection rates are to a large extent the consequence of lack of conscientiousness about the importance of a proper hygiene in the prevention of the spread of infection.

A survey conducted by Analyse Danmark for Business Danmark in the spring 2022 revealed that the greater focus on the good hygiene during the first lockdown has contributed to the reduction of the number of infected persons, as well as to the increased sense of safety in the workplace.

You can read more about the survey in  Avisen Danmark