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Did you find your partner at a bar? Then you are one of many

November 14th, 2018

When it comes to dating and finding a partner social media and different apps have expanded the market and given love seeking people an endless road of opportunities. But where do most people actually find their partner?

Doing market research means collecting data on everything from habits to consumerism, needs and preferences. Out of curiosity we decided to ask our panel members in the Nordics and Ireland where they have met their partner, i.e. if they are not single.

Looking at the different countries as a whole the majority answer “At a bar/club or the like”. In other words, this goes for 14 percent in Sweden to 27 percent in Ireland. The second most chosen option is “Through friends”, which goes for 13 percent in Finland and up to 20 percent in Norway and Sweden.

On a third place we find “At work” and quite surprisingly considering the mentioned apps and social media having found your partner “Online” takes on a fourth place. 7 percent in Denmark and Ireland, 11 percent in Norway and Finland and 12 percent in Sweden have found their partner online.

Other categories chosen are “Educational institution” and “Through a mutual hobby”.

Finally, the option “Blind date” is chosen by just one percent in each country making it by far the most unpopular category.