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Do Userneeds’ panel members decorate for Halloween?

October 30th, 2020

Halloween is a tradition that some countries more than others are celebrating – especially children are enjoying Halloween. Today, you can get all kind of Halloween decorations which are scary, but how many of Userneeds’ panel members are actually decorating for the tradition? We have asked our panel members in the Nordics and Ireland the question in a quick poll.

Halloween is an exciting day for especially children who dress up in costumes – often scary costumes. They walk from house to house, knocking on doors screaming “trick or treat” collecting candy. Some also tells scary tales about ghosts and witches. A tradition is to carve pumpkins and make a scary face – then put lights in it and place it by the house. Besides pumpkins, you can get all kind of different scary Halloween decorations. At Userneeds we found it interesting to ask the following question in a quick poll: “Are you decorating for Halloween?”

It turns out that a large part of our panel members does not decorate for Halloween. 80 percent in Finland, 77 percent in Denmark, 73 percent in Sweden and 72 percent Norway answer “no” to the question if they decorate for Halloween. In Ireland more people decorate as 60 percent answer “no” to the question.

The Irish panel members are more likely to decorate for Halloween. 6 percent of the Irish panel members has answered “Yes, a lot” to the question if they decorate for Halloween. This is only 2 percent in each of the other countries. 19 percent of the Irish panel members has answered “yes”, which between 6 percent (Denmark and Finland) and 11 percent (Norway)have answered in the other countries.

Except from Ireland, most of those panel members who decorate, do it just a little. Between 12 percent (Finland) and 17 percent (Sweden) answer “yes, a little” to the question asked.

The result from the quick poll thereby shows that most panel members in all countries do not decorate for Halloween (60-80 percent). Ireland is however the country where most panel members decorate for the tradition.