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Do Userneeds’ panel members use sunscreen?

August 3rd, 2020

High exposure to sun can lead to serious damages later in life like skin cancer. Some people are more careful than others when it comes to protecting themselves from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. Some uses sunscreen, sun hats, stays in the shade, and others do not do anything to protect themselves. More people recommend use of sunscreen all year around, but do Userneeds’ panel members protect themselves with sunscreen? We have asked this in a quick poll.

It is very important to protect your skin against the sun to avoid sun damages. If you are high exposed to the sun and you do not protect yourself with sunscreen, your skin can be damaged later in life. Sun damage can result not only in wrinkles, but also in skin cancer and other damages. Therefore, it is important you avoid getting sunburned and stay in the shade when the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays are high. Further, it is important to use sunscreen even when it is cloudy. We asked our panel members in a quick poll the question: “Do you use sunscreen?”.

The quick poll showed that 10 percent in Ireland and 12 percent in Norway do not use sunscreen. In Denmark, Sweden and Finland there are more panel members, who do not use sunscreen as the percentages are respectively 23 percent, 29 percent and 30 percent. Thereby, it seems like Ireland and Norway are most protective of their skin.

Between 69 percent (Finland) and 89 percent (Ireland) uses sunscreen to some degree. However, most panel members only use it during the summer season or when they are directly exposed to the sun. In Finland and Sweden respectively 34 percent and 36 percent only use sunscreen when they are directly in the sun. This percentage is a littler higher in Ireland, Denmark and Norway where the percentages are respectively 40 percent, 41 percent and 44 percent. Fewer panel members are using sunscreen all year round as only between 3 percent (Finland) and 13 percent (Norway) have answered yes to this.

Irish and Norwegian panel members thereby seem to be more protective of their skin to avoid sun damages. In these two countries 33 percent (Norway) and 37 percent (Ireland) uses sunscreen during the summer season and this percentage is lower in the other panel countries. At the same time, it seems like Finland and also Sweden is less protective of their skin compared to the other countries.

Thank you to those of you who have answered the quick poll. We hope you found the result interesting.