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Do you ever get a feeling of being eavesdropped?

January 6th, 2022

We have come very far when it comes to the development of new technology, which has been a great help in our everyday life. We can, for instance, attend lectures and meetings without meeting physically or we can work and shop without the necessity of leaving our home, which is all owed to our smartphones, computers, and other smart devices which we are equipped with. But are you one of them who think that this has its price?

A new survey conducted by Userneeds for Danish Society of Engineers – IDA shows that as many as 66 percent of Danes have been in a situation in which they have felt like being eavesdropped. Out of 2000 of the survey participants, 31 percent of them have replied that they often see an ad on the internet about the topic they have just talked about. Another 35 percent have had experience like this only once, while 28 percent of the survey participants have replied that they have never had a feeling of being eavesdropped.

IT-Security Expert at the Danish Society of Engineers – IDA Jørn Guldberg reminds that it is not unknown that a man can do much with the help of technology today – for instance, collect very sensitive personal information for marketing purposes, without us being necessarily aware of it.

Therefore, he emphasizes that it is important that we read conditions for use of websites or new apps and warns against the automatic acceptance of the consents offered by them.

You can read more about the survey here (Danish)