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Do you find finance companies’ statements about sustainable investing trustworthy?

November 11th, 2021

Sustainability is a word we gradually use a lot. Sustainable agriculture, sustainable energy, sustainable consumption, sustainable development, sustainable clothing – not least sustainable investing. But how much do we really find statements about sustainable investing believable?

A survey recently conducted by Userneeds on behalf of pension fund Velliv reveals that Danes don’t believe much in pension fund and financial institutions’ statements about sustainable investing.

The figures show that as much as 39 percent of Danes believe that these statements are not realistic, and that they don’t reflect the actual situation in the fields of investment.

One third of the survey participants couldn’t really answer this question, while only one third of Danes find these statements trustworthy.

In his statement for Finans Watch, Investment Director at Velliv Anders Stenbøl said, that this distrust is caused by the fact that we take the word ‘sustainability’ for granted, without really reflecting on what it means.

You can read the whole article by Finans Watch here