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Do you get as many hours of sleep as the average?

March 17th, 2021

We know sleep is important and that we need a certain number of hours in order to function the next day. However, sometimes it can be difficult to prioritize sleep and keep a regular sleep rhythm. At Userneeds we have asked our panel members how many hours of sleep they get in average.

Sleep is very important as it allows our body and mind to recharge. It affects our well-being as well as our mental and physical health throughout our life. Besides the number of hours of sleep, keeping a consistent sleep rhythm is also very important. If we do not have a stabile circadian rhythm, our brain and body will have difficulties knowing when it is day or night. At Userneeds, we were curious how many hours of sleep our panel members get, and if it is different across our panel countries in the Nordics and Ireland. We therefore asked the following question in a quick poll: “How much sleep do you get on average at night?”.

The result from the quick poll shows that the largest percentage in all panel countries sleep approximately 7 hours at night in average. Between 34 percent in Norway and 39 percent in Denmark has answered this, why there is not a huge difference among the countries. However, if we look at how many who sleep 7 hours or more, there is some difference. In Finland 75 percent has answered that they sleep 7, 8, 9 or more than 9 hours in average at night. This is 7 percentage points more than in Denmark where 68 percent has answered one of these options. In the remaining countries the percentage is 64 percent in Ireland, 62 percent in Sweden and 59 percent in Norway.

In Finland, it thereby seems like they prioritize sleep more than in the other countries. At the same time, 18 percent only get approximately 6 hours of sleep, and 6 percent get less than 6 hours of sleep in Finland. The percentage of members in the other countries who get less than 6 hours is between 8 percent (Denmark) and 10 percent (Norway and Sweden). Further between 23 percent (Denmark) and 30 percent (Norway) get approximately 6 hours of sleep.

We hope you found the result interesting. Remember this is based on a quick poll and is thus not representative.