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Do you litter?

February 12th, 2019

Have you ever had a small piece of paper in your pocket and thrown it on the street? Or perhaps you dropped something and didn’t pick it up? We have asked our panel members whether or not they litter.

Fortunately, very few of Userneeds’ panel members in the Nordic countries and Ireland litter. In fact, just 2 percent in each country answer either “Yes, it often happens” or “Yes, sometimes”, when asked if they ever throw litter on the street or elsewhere. There are, however, quite a few who have chosen the option “Yes, but rarely” thus admitting that they have been or are littering on rare occasions.

Userneeds’ Norwegian and Irish panel members are the ones that at least claim to litter the least. 7 percent in each of the countries answer “Yes, but rarely” meaning 91 percent simply answer “No” to the question. In Finland and Denmark, the figures are twice as high. 13 percent of the Danish panel members and 14 percent of the Finnish panel members are in other words littering, although it happens rarely. In Sweden 10 percent say that they rarely litter.

Every year litter ruins the oceans and the nature for what reason we are very happy to see that the vast majority are saying that they never litter.