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Do you miss the 90s?

September 17th, 2018


If you were born before the 90’s you probably remember crop tops, wide-legged pants and Buffalo shoes. The question is – would you bring any of these items back if you could?

The 90’s is a well-known decade and many of the fashion items are actually trending today. In other words, it is now possible to buy both Buffalo shoes and during the summer you may see girls in crop tops. However, Userneeds’ panel members do not seem to be too excited about that. We asked them what they would bring back from the 90’s and only between 1 and 3 percent chose the answer “Buffalo shoes”. The same goes for crop tops although 5 percent in Finland are delighted to see that they are back.

One thing our panel members across countries can agree on is the CD. 28 percent in Denmark have chosen the category, 24 percent in Ireland and 23 percent in Norway. The Finnish and Swedish panel members are a little less keen on the idea of bringing back the CD but respectively 19 and 15 percent have chosen the option.

On the second place we find the Nintendo. Especially the Norwegian panel members would like to bring the Nintendo back to the present and 17 percent have thus chosen that option. Not many are interested in bringing the Tamagotchi back just like between 20 percent (Norway) and 32 percent (Sweden) don’t want to bring back anything at all from the 90s.