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Do you take dietary supplements?

May 25th, 2018


Dietary supplements such as vitamins and minerals might help you get adequate amounts of essential nutrients, however they cannot replace a variety of foods that are important to a healthy diet.

As a market research company, we are always interested in hearing about our panel members’ habits and behavioral patterns. In one of our most recent quick polls we were therefore curious to know if our panel members take any dietary supplements.

It turns out that more than half of the Danish panelists take vitamins, minerals or the like every day. In Ireland, Norway and Finland this goes for between 41-49 percent and in Sweden 36 percent take dietary supplements every day.

Quite a few have also stated that they take dietary supplements just not on an everyday basis. In Denmark 6 percent take it every week or every month, in Sweden, Norway and Ireland the same figure is 11 percent and in Finland 17 percent take dietary supplements every week or every month.

The panel members were also given the option “No, but I am considering it”. 16 percent of the Irish members have chosen this category whereas between 5 and 9 percent in the remaining countries say the same thing. Finally, at least 1/5 in each country state that he or she is not taking dietary supplement, nor considering it.