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Easter is coming!

March 31st, 2021

Easter is coming and for some people this include several traditions. Decorating eggs, egg rolling, egg race, gatherings around the yearly Easter table sharing a meal with loved ones, and then finding eggs hidden by the Easter Bunny. But how many have actually believed in the Easter Bunny at some point in their life?

Easter is filled traditions and it is different how we celebrate the holiday. Some people have tradition to decorate eggs and get together with family and loved ones eating a delicious meal. Some play different games like egg rolling and egg race – and then some people have the tradition to find the hidden eggs the Easter Bunny has placed around an area. In many ways Easter is a holiday for the children.

But how many of us have actually believed in the Easter Bunny? We have asked our panel members in Ireland and the Nordics this question in a quick poll: “Have you ever believed in the Easter Bunny?”

It is clear that Userneeds’ Irish panel members clearly have had the largest believe in the Easter Bunny. 35 percent of the Irish panel members have answered that they have believed in the Easter Bunny. This only goes for between 11 percent (Denmark and Sweden) and 19 percent (Norway) in the Nordics. Ireland thereby turns out to be the panel country where the largest percentage of the panel members have believed in the Easter Bunny. How many who still believe in the Easter Bunny is unknown

There is at the same time a group of our panel members who does not remember if they have believed in the Easter Bunny. The reason probably is that if they believed in the Easter Bunny, they were not that old and just little children. Between 7 percent (Ireland and Sweden) and 10 percent (Finland) do not remember.

This means that most panel members claim they have never believed in the Easter Bunny. 58 percent in Ireland have answered this and in the other countries between 72 percent (Norway and Finland) and 82 percent (Sweden) has answered that they have never believed in the Easter Bunny.

Even though many have never believed in the Easter Bunny, Easter can still be an important holiday and filled with traditions. For both children and adults.

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