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Userneeds opens a new digital door and is now launching a game for smartphones

June 5th, 2019

In collaboration with Pointvoucher, an innovative game developer, Userneeds is now ready to launch Emoji Blast. In short, the aim of the game is to collect emojis by crushing them when two or more emojis of the same color lie next to each other. The fast-paced game includes many extra features and bonuses which create variation and excitement. Pointvoucher has developed games for many other acknowledged brands and has its own voucher universe where players can use the points they have earned. In many ways Pointvoucher’s universe is thus similar to Userneeds’ universe, where members can earn points by answering surveys and then use these points on different gift cards and experiences on their member portal.

One of the reasons why Userneeds is choosing to launch a game is to comply to our wish of offering our members even more opportunities and thereby maintain the balance between the entertaining and more serious element of being a member of Userneeds’ panel.

Kiki Johansen, Panel Director at Userneeds said “A lot of exciting things are happening in our membership community right now, among other things we are all in on gamification. We believe it should be fun to be member and therefore Emoji Blast is one of the things we have been really looking forward to presenting to our members.”

As head of Userneeds’ membership strategy, Kiki Johansen focuses on developing new methods to increase the awareness of Userneeds and to increase the attractiveness of being a member of the Userneeds online panel community. Emoji Blast is the first step on this road.

The Emoji Blast game can be found in App store and Google Play.