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Have you been through your biggest life changing experience or is it yet to come?

January 10th, 2019

Life changing experiences of course vary from person to person but getting married or having children is for many life changing. We have asked our panel members whether or not they believe their biggest life changing experience is yet to come.

As mentioned we are all different and what may be life changing for one person is not life changing for another. That being said, there are quite a few experiences that at least for many are seen as life changing. This could include traveling, falling in love, having children, achieving a goal, overcoming an obstacle or conquering a fear.

We didn’t ask our panel members what they see as life changing but rather whether or not they believe the biggest life changing experience is yet to come in their life. Between 12 percent (Ireland) and 19 percent (Finland) have answered “Don’t know” which of course makes sense as none of us can predict the future. However, quite many are sure that they have been through their biggest life changing experience already.  This goes for 43 percent of the Danish panel members, 40 percent of the Norwegian, 38 percent of the Swedish and 36 percent of the Finnish. One country thus stands out and that is Ireland. Here 29 percent believe they have experienced the biggest life changing moment in their life whereas 60 percent believe it is yet to come.

For the other countries between 38 percent (Denmark) and 46 percent (Sweden) believe they are still to experience their biggest life change.