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Have you ever faced your fears?

July 25th, 2018


The majority in Userneeds’ panels believe that it is important to face one’s fears. Especially amongst our Irish and Norwegian panel members facing one’s fears is important to either a high degree or some degree.

We have asked our panel members in the Nordics and Ireland the following question: Do you find it important to face one’s fears? For instance, fear of flying, fear of doing presentations, fear of spiders etc. It turns out the vast majority believe it to be important. In other words, between 43 and 53 percent have chosen the option “To some degree” and between 22 and 31 percent have chosen the option “To a high degree”. If you combine the two options especially the Norwegian and Irish panel members believe you should face your fears, as 81 percent of the Norwegian and 84 percent of the Irish members have chosen one of the two options.

You find the biggest group of people saying “Either/or” in Finland and Denmark with respectively 13 and 14 percent. Thus, these panel members do not necessarily believe that one should face his or her fears, regardless of what this fear might be. Very few panel members have chosen the option “Not at all”, that is between 3 and 5 percent. Overall, it can be concluded that if you have a fear of heights, of flying, giving a presentation or the like, you should face this fear – at least if you ask Userneeds’ panel members.