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How satisfied are you with the way you look?

April 4th, 2018


In today’s world there is a big focus on looks and everyday we are exposed to models in commercials, magazines etc. But what do Userneeds’ panel members think of their own looks?

In a world where selfies and fashion are being shared with just a click, many – especially young people – strive to get that perfect picture. Furthermore, different research shows how many selfie-posters feel pressured to look good online and thus take many pictures before choosing the right one which hereafter can be edited with filter options or beautifying apps.

Due to this focus on looks and beauty, Userneeds asked our panel members the following: “On a scale from 1-5, 1 being “Very satisfied” and 5 being “Not satisfied at all”, how satisfied are you with the way you look?”

It turns out that Userneeds’ members in the Nordics and Ireland have a very similar take on their own looks. Between 7 and 8 percent in all the countries thus answer “1” meaning that they are very satisfied. Between 16 percent (Ireland) and 22 percent (Finland) have chosen the option “2” and they too are satisfied with their looks. The vast majority and nearly 40 percent in each country, however, have answered “3” when asked the question. As the scale goes from 1-5, 3 must be considered as “Somewhat satisfied”.

A quarter of Userneeds’ panel members unfortunately do not seem to be satisfied with the way they look. Between 25 and 27 percent in each country have in other words answered “4”. Finally, the same percentage that say “I am very satisfied”, also say “I am not satisfied at all” with the exception of Ireland, where it is not 7-8 percent but 12 percent that answer “5” and hereby state that they are not satisfied at all with their looks.