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How would the Danes invest 1 million DKK?

May 7th, 2020

In which Danish listed companies would Danes invest 1 million DKK, and what have an impact on their decision? Userneeds has examined this in collaboration with the analysis and consulting firm Moos-Bjerre in the period April 14 to April 17.

Userneeds has in collaboration with the analysis and consulting firm, Moos-Bjerre, conducted a survey among 1,000 Danish participants, in which they were asked: If you got 1 million DKK for a pension saving that you had to invest in equities in Danish listed companies, how much shares would you buy in the following companies?

The results show that the Danes in average would invest 220,000 DKK out of their 1 million DKK in the company Novo Nordisk. Novo Nordisk is the company which the Danes want to invest in the most, and much more than in the other companies. The Danes will invest second most money in the company Vestas with an average investment of 98,000 DKK. In a shared third place, the Danes want to invest 85,000 DKK in A.P. Møller-Mærsk and Novozymes.

Michael Friis Jørgensen, Editor in Chief at Alm. Brand, says: “Danes invest in what they know”. He believes that recognizability plays a major role in the Danes’ choice, and he adds: “Many people will probably be surprised at who has performed most strongly in terms of market value or price in recent years.” Michael Friis Jørgensen believes that the Danes’ knowledge of the current market also has a big impact: “It struck me that there are some companies that are very high compared to their market value, including Novozymes, but there is knowledge to the company and willingness to invest.”

At the same time Michael Moos-Bjerre do not believe that the reason for the big willingness to invest in Novo Nordisk is that it is the most valuable company in Denmark. He says: “I think Novo Nordisk is one of the companies you hear most often about today – both on the Danish scene and their activities abroad.”

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