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Is the home office the new future?

January 8th, 2021

According to a study conducted by Userneeds for the technology company HP in the fall, working from home saves Danish office workers several hours of transportation a week. It turns out that there are several consequences to bringing the workplace into the home, and far from all of them are negative.

Working from home is now a normality for many Danish office employees after the pandemic came to Denmark in March 2020. The new conditions have resulted in major challenges for Danes. Both in the form of increased job insecurity and less contact with colleagues.

A survey conducted by Userneeds for the technology company HP shows that one in five office workers feels less attached to their colleagues compared to before Covid-19. However, the study also shows that the home office has not only brought negative consequences.

In fact, it turns out that office workers save more than two hours a week in transportation while increasing the productivity. The study shows that office workers who work from home one or more days a week feel more productive, compared to those who work exclusively in the office.

Working from home can also help to strengthen the digital competence of the office workers. Futurologist and director of Future Navigator, Liselotte Lyngsø, predicts that employees can expect more work from home in the future. She points out that the benefits of working from home can create new opportunities and benefits for businesses. These include savings on CO2 emission, improved opportunities to recruit and hold on to skilled employees at an international level, as well as the opportunity to save cost on the office’s lease.

More than one in four respondents also feel that the pandemic and increased work from home have resulted in a healthier work/life balance. However, one in five feels that they find it difficult to put the work aside when they are working from home.

There are many indications that working from home will continue for some time. One in five of the office workers expects the coming months to include even more work from home, and two out of three expect working from home to remain unchanged.

You can read more about the survey in Danish here.