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Local and regional elections 2021: Can promotional material help us to make a decision?

November 15th, 2021

New local and regional elections in Denmark are just around the corner, and we have experienced during the last couple of weeks that the elections are promoted in many ways – we can see promotional campaigns by different political parties on TV and posters, hear about it on the radio or just read in the flyers.

What do Danes think about the promotional material that is distributed to the citizens? We have asked our Danish panel members for their opinion about the promotional material/election posters that is made visible and/or distributed in relation to these elections.

Most of the participants in our Quick Poll (84 percent) have replied that they don’t use the promotional material to make their decision about who to vote for.

Moreover, our Quick Poll reveals that around 5 percent of Danes will not vote on the forthcoming local and regional elections, while only 7 percent of our panel members have replied that they find the election promotional material helpful to make this decision.

Around 4 percent of the participants in the survey haven’t really had an opinion about this.