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Many Danes and Swedes are planning to travel before summer holidays

January 17th, 2022

Short and cold winter days can make us feel tired and increase our desire to do things that can make us happy. But while some of us already feel better after a short tour to the city, walking down the beach, lunch with friends, movie at the cinema or visiting the fitness center, there are other ones who need a little bit more than that – namely winter getaway.

Userneeds has asked its Danish and Swedish panel members in an online survey if they have planned to travel before the summer holidays, and if so, where?

On the whole, there is a greater number of Swedes who are planning to take a trip before summer 2022 (52 percent). This share is significantly smaller when it comes to Danes, and it amounts to 39 percent.

The survey results show that almost the same number of Danes and Swedes are planning: a) a trip to a destination where there is warm and sunny (10 percent of Danes and 11 percent of Swedes), b) a city break (9 percent of Danes and 8 percent of Swedes).

The numbers are a little bit different when it comes to some other destinations; more specifically, 33 percent of Swedes have planned to travel to some other destinations than the above mentioned before the summer, while this is true for 20 percent of Danes.