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Many of the Danes stay home at Easter

April 6th, 2020

Easter is coming and usually it means lunches and gatherings with friends and family. But this year is different because of the current corona situation in Denmark, and will the Danes then choose to stay home at Easter? The answer appears in a study by Userneeds, in collaboration with the market research company, Moos-Bjerre, who together follow the corona situation closely – week by week.

This year, Easter will be different compared to previous years due to the corona situation. A big part of the Danes has decided to stay home at Easter. This is the result of a study among 1,000 respondents conducted by Userneeds in collaboration with the market research company, Moos-Bjerre. The study shows that 49 percent of the Danes have canceled visits to friends and family at Easter, which is close to every other Dane. Further, 31 percent of the Danes have cancelled a planned lunch at Easter and 8 percent have cancelled a planned trip to the cottage.

The behavior of the Danes at Easter is something that has been a concern for the Danish government. Among others, the Minister of Transport, Benny Engelbrecht, has been allowed by the government to close the two bridges, Storebæltsbroen and Lillebæltsbroen, if he thinks it can limit the spread of coronavirus in Denmark. However, Benny Engelbrecht does not believe or hope that this will be necessary. He states in an e-mail to DR: “We are in a very serious situation and therefore the government is constantly ready to do what is necessary to limit the spread of infection. We are constantly assessing this. At present, it is not the assessment, that such an action is necessary.”

This may be one of the reasons why some Danes have chosen to cancel trips to the cottage during Easter, as they do not want to be trapped by a closed bridge when they return home.

The Danish Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen, announced last Monday that government can begin a gradual, slow and controlled opening of the community again after Easter. This is if we continue to stand together by keeping distance for the next two weeks and if the numbers continue to be stable and reasonably low. It was emphasized that the Danes shall continue to keep distance at Easter, which indicates that the government is concerned about the behavior of the Danes at Easter.

It seems that the Danes understand the message and stand together separately – also at Easter.

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