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Many people go sick to work

June 6th, 2018


A recent quick poll in Userneeds’ Irish and Nordic panels shows how between 66 and 86 percent have gone to work on several occasions when they were actually still sick and should have stayed in bed.

Perhaps you have told some colleagues simply to go home and get better or perhaps someone has said that very same sentence to you. In other words, a lot of people tend to go to work even though they are sick and should have stayed more days in bed – and this is a problem on multiple levels. Not only do you risk infecting others, you might also prolong your sickness and thereby not work as efficiently as otherwise.

In order to investigate this tendency, Userneeds has asked the question: “Have you gone sick to work even though you probably should have stayed in bed for more days?”

The responses are quite overwhelming. In Norway, only 7 percent can say “No” to the question and in Ireland and Sweden just 3 percent more, that is 10 percent, have chosen this category. In Denmark and Finland respectively 18 and 20 percent say they have never gone to work sick.

In addition, a few percentages can’t remember whether or not they have gone to work sick and this leave between 70 and 90 percent in each country with either the answer “Yes, one time” or “Yes, several times”.

The vast majority in each country have answered “Yes, several times” and the biggest amount is found in Norway where 86 percent have chosen this option. On one hand some might argue that the results illustrate a strong commitment, however, going to work sick is not a good idea thus it is important to feel safe and comfortable when calling in sick.