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More than 40 percent have one or more pets

February 24th, 2021

More than 40 percent of our panel members in the Nordics and Ireland have one or more pets. This shows latest result from a quick poll on the member page. Pets can make us happy and have a positive effect on our well-being. They can help us get more exercise and reduce stress. Some people consider their pets as a part of the family or their best friend. At Userneeds we were curious how many of our panel members who have pets.

A large part of Userneeds’ panel members have pets. This is not surprising as these pets have a great effect on our mood and make us happy. Further, they can help reduce stress and help us get more exercise. At the same time, they require a lot of responsibility and some think of their pets as family or a close friend. Therefore, a pet can help some people feel less lonely. Pets can do good in many ways. We have asked our panel members in the Nordics and Ireland the question: “Do you have a pet?”

The results show that between 20 percent (Sweden) and 25 percent (Norway and Denmark) have one pet. At the same time, 32 percent of the Irish panel members have more than one pet, which means 55 percent of the Irish panel members have one or more pets. In the remaining countries, only between 18 percent (Denmark) and 23 percent (Finland) have more than one pets. This means that in the remaining countries less than half of the panel members have pets – between 41 percent (Sweden) and 45 percent (Norway). Thereby our Irish panel members have a higher tendency to have a pet as this is the only country where more than half has answered they have either one pet or more than pet. However, in the remaining countries, almost half has one or more pets.

This means that in Ireland 45 percent does not have a pet and in the remaining countries this is between 55 percent (Norway) and 59 percent (Sweden). A few of our panel members, who does not have pets, has answered that they do not like pets. This goes for between 2 percent (Norway, Sweden and Finland) and 4 percent (Denmark).

Thank you to those of you who have answered this quick poll.