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Most of Userneeds’ panel members clean once a week

September 30th, 2020

Some people think that cleaning is boring and that it takes too much time. It is different how people priorities cleaning in their home and therefore how much they clean their home. At Userneeds, we found it interesting to set up a quick poll and ask our panel members in the Nordics and Ireland the question: “How often do you clean your home?”.

We have to clean our home to protect our health and avoid potential allergies. How often people clean their homes, however, is different. Some people clean often because they like a clean home and some people only clean when it has become so dirty, they feel, they must do it. When friends and family visit, it can be embarrassing if our home is very dirty, and some people also do more thorough cleaning before they expect guests. At Userneeds we have asked our panel members in the Nordics and Ireland the question: “How often do you clean your home?”.

According to the quick poll, between 43 percent (Ireland) and 49 percent (Denmark) clean their home once a week. At the same time, there are some panel members who cleans more than once a week. This is especially in Ireland in which 37 percent of the panel members clean more than once a week. In Denmark this is 17 percent, in Sweden 16 percent, in Finland 13 percent and in Norway 9 percent. Thereby, between 56 percent (Norway) and 80 percent (Ireland) clean at least once a week. Ireland is the country where most people clean that much with 14 percentage point more than in Denmark which is the country where second most clean that much.

Some of our panel members clean every other week – maybe because they do not have the time or do not like to clean. In Ireland, 12 percent clean every other week, and in the Nordics, it is between 22 percent (Denmark) and 27 percent (Norway). Between 5 percent (Ireland) and 15 percent (Finland) clean rarer than once a week.

The Irish panel members are thereby more likely to clean there home more often compared with the Nordic countries. However, most panel members in all countries are in general most likely to clean their home at least once a week.

We hope you found it interesting reading about the results from the quick poll. Thank you to those of you who have answered.