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New thinking is needed

December 8th, 2020

Userneeds has been helping the Danish newspaper and news outlet, Politiken, with a eyestracking study. Poliken will ensure transparency and 100 percent viewability. Advertising Director for Politiken now explains that the decision to drop programmatic is based on more than just poor “viewability”.

According to Thomas Røn Larsen, Advertising Director for Politiken, it makes no sense to equate programmatic sales of banner ads with problems with real displays of these in the digital ecosystem of advertising. He says: “We made the decision to drop programmatic and ensure 100 percent viewability, because a digital ecosystem has been built around this, which, for example, operates with something as mysterious as “degrees of visibility “, which only helps to make the purchase opaque and in particular more complex.”

He highlights that media agencies and advertisers avoid spending time calculating the real price and looking at how little or how much they have paid for the invisible part of the campaign. Therefore, advertising director, Thomas Røn Larsen, believes that it does not make sense to pay for a banner ad that no one sees. It is based on this that Politiken from 1st of January 2021 will no longer use programmatic, but instead provide a guarantee of 100 percent viewability.

It thus aims not only to create 100 percent viewability, but also to create more transparency and better basis for comparison for advertisers.

The decision is also based on the results of Userneeds’ study on behalf of Politiken, which highlighted how good the media’s banners were at generating attention via eye-tracking.

Anders Mikkelsen, Head of 360 Audiences at Userneeds, says: “We have conducted a large study, which shows a very clear connection between the effect of the ad and the degree of attention. From an analytical perspective, the degree of attention is an important and crucial parameter for the effect.”

He adds: “The time has come for us to experiment and find tomorrow’s way of effect-assessing digital advertising, which the market cannot manipulate by making technical tweaks. Otherwise, all agencies/advertisers should drop the Danish media and buy cheap international exposures on millions of sites with high viewability. However, I doubt that most advertisers think this is a good idea.”

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