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One-third of Danes are keeping up with the Winter Olympics in Beijing

February 18th, 2022

The 24th Winter Olympic Games are held between 4th-20th February 2022 in Beijing. Denmark is represented by a record number of the participants at this Olympics – 63 in total, and they are competing in 5 out of 15 Olympic disciplines. These are curling, ice hockey, speed skating, and downhill skiing.

How many of us are keeping up with the winter-Olympics, and what is the interest in ice hockey, considering that both our men- and women’ ice hockey team are represented at this year Olympics?

The results of our survey have shown that around one-third of us are keeping up with the Olympics in Beijing.

However, the number of those who are interested in watching ice hockey is lower. It is namely around one fifth or 19 percent of all the participants in the survey who are planning to keep up with ice hockey.

The only time Denmark won a medal at the Winter Olympic Games was in Nagano in 1998, when the Danish women’s curling team won a silver.