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Plan international got the most donations from Userneeds’ panel members in 2019

January 14th, 2020

Userneeds’ Nordic panel members have the opportunity to donate their points to charity. Every time they complete an online survey, they earn points which can be redeemed for gift cards, cinema tickets and experiences. However, these points can also be donated for charity and more than 52,000 DKK were donated this way in 2019.

In April 2018 Plan International built a health clinic in a village called Massé in the West African nation Benin. The clinic was financed by Userneeds and by those of Userneeds’ Danish panel members who chose to donate their points to the project.

Since then Userneeds’ panel members in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland have had the possibility to donate their points to the maintenance of the health clinic. In 2019 16,600 DKK was donated to this purpose.

Doctors without Borders is the runner-up with a total donation across the countries of 16,150 DKK. In Norway and Sweden, however, this organization actually takes the first place closely followed by charity organizations focusing on cancer. In Sweden nearly 3,000 DKK was donated to two charities focusing on cancer and specifically children with cancer, in Norway 3,500 DKK was donated to the Norwegian Cancer Society. Donations to organizations focusing on cancer received more than 11,000 DKK across the countries. Moreover, a special campaign in Denmark raised another 7,000 DKK for the Danish Cancer Society in October 2019.

Finally, Userneeds’ panel members chose to donate to another well-known organization, that is Red Cross. The organization received more than 6,000 DKK in 2019.

We are so pleased that our panel members keep donating their points and we are looking forward to expanding the possibility of donating one’s points to more panels in the future.