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Secondhand is the new black

November 12th, 2019

More and more Danes are buying secondhand clothes. Here, in particular, expensive brands are requested. This is a good opportunity to wear clothes that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford.

The Danes buy used clothes like never before. This is confirmed by a study conducted by Userneeds on behalf of the company Trendsales. Almost half of the respondents answered that they check whether the clothing can be bought secondhand before spending a lot of money on something new.

Anne Sofie Banke, who is marketing manager at Trendsales explains that it especially is amongst men where the expensive brands are popular. Here, amongst others, specific brands such as Gucci, Yeesy and Stone Island are highly requested.

When it comes to women the demand is more varied. Here, too, the expensive brands such as Ganni and Nike are searched for, but the categories ‘dresses’ and ‘jackets’ are also popular, and within these categories  brands are subordinate. What is particularly important is whether the clothing is relevant to the season.  It is therefore an advantage to take the season into consideration if you decide to sell some of your used clothing.

Anne Sofie Banke emphasizes that quality and condition of the clothing are extremely important; here it applies not only to the item itself, but also to the way in which the item is presented. Nice looking images increase demand. Thus, it is important for the sale if you can see how the product fits the person and how it looks, as well as what condition the clothes are in.

Therefore, before you decide to try to sell your secondhand gold, it is a good idea to think about quality.

You can read more about the survey (in Danish) here