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Should we talk about death?

July 10th, 2018


The majority of Userneeds’ panel members talk about death sometimes. More specifically, it goes for more than half of the respondents in Ireland and the Nordics – except for Sweden where 48 percent say they sometimes talk about death.

How often should you talk about death and is it even necessary? We asked our panel members in a Quick Poll: “Do you ever talk about death?” For Userneeds’ panel members death doesn’t seem to be taboo and more than half of the panel members in the Nordics and Ireland actually state that they talk about death sometimes. In Sweden this “only” goes for 48 percent, which means that approximately 15 percent more Swedish panel members have chosen the option “No, not really” compared to the other panel members. In other words, 35 percent of the Swedish panel members are “not really” talking about death.

Very few panel members never talk about death. In fact, this only goes for between 4 and 7 percent. Userneeds’ Irish panel members are the ones who most often talk about death as 15 percent have chosen the option “Yes, often”. In comparison, 6 percent of the Swedish panel members often talk about death, whereas 10 percent in Norway and Denmark and 12 percent in Finland say the same thing.