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Should you go into a conflict?

November 11th, 2020

Around 30 percent of companies have experienced a conflict with their IT provider. At the same time, the remaining approximately 70 percent have experienced major challenges with their IT contract. This is the result of a study conducted by Danish IT lawyers and Userneeds called “Danish IT lawyers’ IT Survey 2020”. It turns out that the satisfaction is greatest among those who go into the conflict.

In collaboration with Danish IT lawyers, Userneeds has collected the data for the Danish IT lawyers’ IT Survey 2020. The survey, which is based on responses from 325 contract managers and IT managers in public and private companies, shows that approx. 30 percent of companies within the past year have experienced a conflict with their IT provider. As many as approx. 70 percent have thus not experienced a conflict but have nevertheless experienced challenges in relation to their IT contract. 62 percent have experienced that an agreed budget has been exceeded, 68 percent have experienced a lack of quality in delivery and 70 percent have experienced delays.

“It seems that the companies that do not go into the conflicts end up being more dissatisfied with the result. Conversely, with the companies that go into the conflicts. We can see that there is greater satisfaction with the result among those companies. It makes good sense to use their contract management investments actively to claim their right,” says IT lawyer Tue Goldschmieding at Danish IT lawyers.

If you actively follow up on your contracts and end up in conflict, you will in most cases achieve a result with greater satisfaction than if you avoid conflict.

IT Lawyer, Julie Bak-Larsen, at Danish IT Lawyers says: “Our study shows that collapsed IT projects can lead to conflicts between customer and supplier. In addition, our study shows that there is a tendency for more companies to get into the conflicts, and that for the largest part this result in satisfaction – either in the form of a settlement or as final decisions. Based on the study, it can be beneficial to enter into a conflict”.

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