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Summer The best thing about summer is the sun’s warmth

June 26th, 2018


After a long winter there is something special about the warmth in the sun’s rays. The days start getting longer and people with glowing faces get rid of their winter jackets. We have asked our panel members what they are looking forward to the most, now that the summer is here.

There are many wonderful things about summer. The nature is beautiful, the days are getting longer, and many people feel more energetic. But what do Userneeds’ Irish and Nordic panel members look forward to the most?

In all the countries except for Ireland and Finland the majority answer that feeling the sun’s heat is the one thing they are looking forward to the most. In Ireland 26 percent have chosen this option, however, 32 percent have chosen the longer days as the thing they are most excited about. In Finland 29 percent have chosen “Feeling the sun’s heat”, but 36 percent are more excited about the summer allowing them to do “Outdoor activities”. Even so the sun’s heat gets the first place.

The Irish panel members’ first choice; “The longer days” is also a popular category and the third most popular one out of all the options. The Finns’ first choice, “Doing outdoor activities” is even more popular though and takes the second place.

The panel members are quite torn when it comes to the category “Being able to wear less clothes”. For example, 19 percent of the Swedish panel members have chosen this option, whereas the same option is only chosen by 6 percent of the Irish panel members.

The most unpopular category is “Eating ice cream” and the panel members all seem to agree with that as just 2 percent in all the countries have chosen this option.