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Summertime or wintertime (standard time)?

November 5th, 2021

The European Parliament took a decision in 2019 that the practice of annual time change should be abolished, and that the EU Member Countries should decide what time the EU should keep as its standard time.

Everything indicates that this is not going to be an easy decision, because the EU Member Countries cannot reach the agreement about this issue. This is because, a majority of the countries, on the one hand cheer on the summertime and brighter nights, while on the other hand some of the countries, including Denmark cheer on wintertime and brighter mornings.

This is the reason why we have asked our Danish and Swedish panel members what they think about this.

Results from our Quick Poll reveal that most Danes and Swedes think that EU should keep the wintertime (standard time). Out of the total number of our Danish panel members who have participated in this survey, approximately 60% have answered that they prefer the standard time. The same applies to our Swedish panel members, because around 65% of them have given their vote to the standard time.

Still, there is a number of both Danes and Swedes who give an advantage to the summertime and this applies to around 30% of them.

Summertime or Daylight Saving Time (DST) was introduced in Danmark for the first time in 1916, but it is first from 1980 that this change of time was introduced as annual practice. However, it took more than a decade before this time change was introduced as a standard practice in the European countries.

In the meantime, we are exited to see what decision will be made, and if the EU Countries have set their clocks for the last time now, or they will do it first in the last week of March 2022.